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Welcome to the Mississippi Valley Jeep Club. We are open to Jeeps and 4x4's, but are mainly have members with Jeeps. We are a family based club that welcomes everyone from people considering buying a Jeep or 4x4 to the hard core wheelers. We have members from eastern IA, western WI, and western IL, so we claim Dubuque, IA as our center point. We are a member of MW4WDA and are insured so we can utilize our member's land and land connections, but that is only open to dues paying members. You can still join the website and join in on the road runs, picnics, wrenching parties, and trips to area off road parks. We are definitely in favor of working with area clubs to save our lands and and opening the sport up to others so they can enjoy it as well.


Club dues are as follows and are due March 31st. All dues for the club will be due on this date in correspondence with the dues we pay for the Midwest 4WD Association.

$40 for single or family membership to MVJC
$10 for each additional driver per family
$35 for renewal membership
$20 If paying membership after August 31st.
You must be a paid member of the club to be able to join in the  off-road events.

MVJC Board-

President- Alan F. (Newbeme)
Vice President/Safety and Tech- Chris W. (kioti)
Secretary and Treasurer-  Bret H.  (PBC.corn)
Insurance-  Alan F, and Chris W.
At Large 1 Dan T  (remodeler)
At Large 2 Curt T  (Curt)
Website- Ray R. (Goostoff)